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  • New York City

    New York City

    New York hardly needs an introduction. It's easily one of the iconic cities of the world. From the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge, there's plenty to see. Even its own residents will never experience all that New York has to offer, but you can get a head start with Fox Travel.

  • Capitol in Washington DC from the back.

    Washington D.C.

    Our nation's capital has a rich history that's worth exploring. Of course, that's not the only thing D.C. has. There's plenty to do: you can visit the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Library of Congress. There's so much of Washington to take in, and there's no reason you have to do it alone. Let us help.

  • Bahamas


    The Bahamas have always been a popular vacation spot. You can unwind on the beach or take in the the many sights and vibrant nightlife. You can savor the local cuisine and the distinct taste of the islands. Whatever you want to get out of the Bahamas, let us handle your trip. It will be our pleasure.

  • Bahamas

    United Kingdom

    The UK is a great destination for all seasons. The seamless combination of modern and classic create a great atmosphere. You can visit London, the rustic charm of Ireland, experience the rich culture of Scotland, and other areas that won't fit in this paragraph. Want to see it all? Why not with Fox Travel?

  • Prague


    Prague is a beautiful city, rich in culture and history with a lot of different activities offered. Everything from museums via concerts and opera to nightlife is covered. The city also offers a wide variety of dining options from all over the world.

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